Kacee's Picture

Kacee’s Story

In January, 2020 Kacee Quinlan received exciting news that she was hired by “Stagecoach Acting School” to work with young children in the area of Music, Drama and Dance!

Each Saturday morning, Kacee worked with instructors assisting and motivating younger children to participate in the Arts. Kacee not only demonstrated strong leadership skills but a genuine love for working with younger children. She hopes to return to her job.

Kacee also enjoys working at St. Peter’s Daycare and at the Mount with the Sisters of St. Joseph’s. She has been working at both places for over 2 years and is very grateful for the opportunities, rewarding experiences and caring people she has met in all her job placements.

Kacee also loves to participate in Special Olympics basketball, swimming, soccer and kayaking. She has competed at the Provincial and National level in basketball and soccer. She also plays for the Challenger baseball team and just returned last summer from playing baseball at the Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Her other passions in life are Art, playing the guitar and spending time in Florida with her family.